Val Demings and Simone Cummings

2022 Distinguished Alumni recipient Val Demings with Dean Simone Cummings

Roslyn Grant and partner

2022 Mary Elizabeth Newell Loyalty Award recipient Roslyn Grant

Eric Rothenbuhler and Courtney Stewart

2022 Loretto Award recipient Courtney Stewart with Dean Eric Rothenbuhler

Beth Stroble, Leah Latham, Alex McCuien

2021 Young Alumni Award recipient Leah Latham with Chancellor Beth Stroble and Alumni President Alex McCuien

Vanessa Davis, Beth Stroble, Nancy Hightshoe

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Nancy Hightshoe with Chancellor Beth Stroble and Alumni Director Vanessa Davis

Eve Coulson, Beth Stoble, Joan Marie Godoy Liere, and Chris Whitmore

2018 Award recipients Eve Coulson (Mary Elizabeth Newell), Joan Marie Godoy Liere (Loretto) and Chris Whitmore (Young Alumni) with Chancellor Beth Stroble

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest alumni award given. The 51小黄车 Alumni Association annually recognizes an alumna or alumnus who has made specific, meritorious contributions to society through their profession and involvement in civic, cultural or charitable activities. This award recognizes high achievement that reflects credit upon the individual and 51小黄车. As part of the selection process, the Alumni Board Awards Committee considers the influence and impact the individual has had beyond their local community (regionally, nationally, internationally) in their profession or service, and whether or not the alum has been the 鈥渇irst鈥 to accomplish something.

Sarah Christman

Sarah Christman, MAT 鈥15
Co-Founder, The Soulard School

Sarah Christman is an innovative educator and social entrepreneur with nearly 25 years of experience in early childhood and elementary education. She created a thriving community model that supports students of all backgrounds. Christman earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Human Development and Family Studies and her master鈥檚 degree in Early Childhood from 51小黄车.

Christman co-founded The Soulard School in 2005 at the age of 26, where she has proudly made a positive impact on the lives of nearly 1,000 children who have passed through the school鈥檚 doors over the past two decades. Her unique understanding of the foundational years of development for children enabled Christman to create an expansive program that became a top-ranked Missouri charter elementary school in St. Louis City. By prioritizing social-emotional learning, along with academic achievement, her students garner deeper academic success and empowerment to advocate for their needs and those of their community.

  • Jacqueline Dace, BS 鈥05 (2023)
  • Val Demings, MA 鈥96 (2022)
  • Awele, BFA 鈥82 (2021)
  • Michelle Esswein, MBA 鈥93 (2020)
  • Nancy Hightshoe, MA 鈥77 (2019)
  • Manal Fakhoury, MBA 鈥12 (2018)
  • Alan O. Freeman, MBA 鈥93 (2017)
  • Maarten de Boer, BA 鈥00 (2016)
  • Nancy Hernreich Bowen, BA 鈥68 (2014)
  • Kathleen Mazzarella, MBA 鈥02 (2013)
  • General Lloyd J. Austin III, MA 鈥89 (2012)
  • Nelda K. Lee, MA 鈥99 (2011)
  • General Carroll H. Chandler, MA 鈥78 (2010)
  • Leyna Nguyen, BA 鈥92 (2009)
  • Jane Robert, BA 鈥69 (2008)
  • Barbara Krzewinski, MA 鈥81 (2007)
  • Nancy Edmonds Paull, BA 鈥80 (2006)
  • Mike Jackson, MA 鈥81 (2005)
  • Mary Pat Seurkamp, BA 鈥68 (2004)
  • Jane Hodges, MA 鈥97 (2003)
  • Mary Ann Wyrsch, BA 鈥65 (2002)
  • Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin, BA 鈥63 (2001)
  • Eileen Collins, MA 鈥89 (2000)
  • Norma Lee Speckhard, MAT 鈥79 (1999)
  • Terri Williams, BA 鈥85 (1998)
  • Marsha Mason, BA 鈥64 (1996)
  • Marilyn Morheuser, BA 鈥46* (1995)
  • Ann Manganaro S.L., BA 鈥69* (1994)
  • Pearline Motley, MA 鈥89* (1994)
  • Franz Pruller, BA 鈥86 (1994)
  • James A. Barnes, MA 鈥82 (1993)
  • Elizabeth Donegan, BA 鈥68 (1992)
  • Clarence Harmon, MA 鈥79 (1991)
  • Mary Clare Geerling, BA 鈥47 (1990)
  • Joseph Noelker, BA 鈥74 (1989)
  • Jean Crowley Antonmattei, BS 鈥39* (1988)
  • David Morton, BA 鈥76* (1987)
  • Jan Greenberg, MAT 鈥73 (1986)
  • Jacqueline Grennan Wexler, BA 鈥48* (1985)
  • Eva Kirkpatrick, MA 鈥70* (1984)
  • Lynn Rubright, MAT 鈥71 (1983)
  • Betty Espinosa, BA 鈥37* (1982)
  • Mary Mangan S.L., BA 鈥35* (1981)
  • John Doglione, MA 鈥77 (1980)

* deceased

Loretto Award

The Loretto Award is presented annually to an alumna or alumnus who has given significantly of themselves in service to humanity and social justice. The Award is intended to continue the recognition of the community service and social justice values of the Sisters of Loretto who founded Webster College in 1915. The Alumni Board Awards Committee makes the selection of this recipient.

Andre Alexander

Andre Alexander, MBA 鈥05
Pastor, The Tabernacle

Andre Alexander, a pastor, engineer, author and family man, is committed to the development and growth of people across generations in a way that is unsurpassed. His passion and dedication to meeting the needs of individuals where they are is seen in his professional and personal life.

After studying electrical engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Alexander completed his MBA from 51小黄车 and his Master of Theological Studies at Covenant Theological Seminary. Alexander鈥檚 social services background extends across the age spectrum, as well as various backgrounds to include serving at-risk teens as a Lead Residential Counselor at Boys Hope Girls Hope Inc., and as a Supportive Services Veterans Families Housing Specialist for Employment Connection.

In 2011, Alexander led a launch team to organize The Tabernacle, a church started in 2012, where he serves as the lead pastor with a passion to develop and inspire all to reach their full potential. Alexander works on community revitalization in the Jeff Vanderlou, The Ville and Greater Ville neighborhoods by creating quality affordable-housing options, while reducing vacancies.

  • Carlita Vasser, MA 鈥15 (2023)
  • Courtney Stewart, MA 鈥05 (2022)
  • Kim Bouldin-Jones, BA 鈥87 (2021)
  • Terry Gorski, MA 鈥74* (2020)
  • Jane Peckham Stoever, BA 鈥66 (2019)
  • Joan Marie Godoy Liere, MA 鈥12 (2018)
  • Tracey Jeffries, MA 鈥10 (2017)
  • Mary Ann Wyrsch, BA 鈥65 (2016)
  • Eileen Schneider Edelman, BA 鈥85 (2014)
  • Jane Ellen Ibur, BA 鈥73 (2013)
  • Amy Lorenz-Moser, BA 鈥97 (2011)
  • Maureen McCormack S.L., BA 鈥54 (2010)
  • Grace Akumu Adhiambo, BA 鈥86 (2009)
  • Roswitha Weinrich, BA 鈥85 (2008)
  • Magdalen Seaman, BA 鈥47* (2007)
  • Wilhelmina Matern, MA 鈥01 (2006)
  • Kwan li Kladstrup, BA 鈥94 (2005)
  • James L. Rhodes, MA 鈥81 (2004)
  • Mary Ann McGivern S.L., BA 鈥64 (2003)

* deceased

The Mary Elizabeth Newell Loyalty Award

The Mary Elizabeth Newell Loyalty Award is presented to an alumna or alumnus who has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty, commitment and concern for 51小黄车 over a span of many years. This award is presented in memory of Mary Newell, a graduate from the class of 1926, who was a loyal supporter of Webster and dedicated member of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Board Awards Committee makes the selection of this recipient.

Amanda Gioia

Amanda Gioia, MA 鈥97
Vice President of Risk Partnerships and Enablement, Mastercard
Global Co-Lead and St. Louis Chapter Lead, ADAPTability

Amanda Gioia has spent more than 23 years with Mastercard, now serving as its Vice President of Risk Partnerships and Enablement. She is the global co-lead for ADAPTability, the company鈥檚 resource group focused on supporting people with disabilities, as well as the St. Louis Chapter lead.

Gioia earned a Master of Arts degree in Media Communications from 51小黄车 in 1997, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Truman State University. Gioia is a 12-year member of Webster鈥檚 School of Communications (SOC) Advisory Board, serving as the lead for the last two years. She sponsored a scholarship for undergraduate students in communications with disabilities and regularly contributed to the school, along with the Dean鈥檚 fund, in support of its initiatives. Gioia was SOC鈥檚 honorary Commencement speaker in 2013 and was named the 2013 Outstanding Alum by 51小黄车鈥檚 School of Communications.

In addition to a loyal alumna, Gioia is a board president for the St. Louis Area Foodbank and a board member of the Truman State Foundation Board and Autism Speaks. She was named a Most Influential Businesswoman by the St. Louis Business Journal and received the CEO Force for Good Award at Mastercard for her leadership and support in community organizations.

  • Richard Fox, BA 鈥76* (2023)
  • Roslyn Grant, MA 鈥97 (2022)
  • Vanessa Davis, MA 鈥04, DMGT 鈥15 (2021)
  • Darrell Yates, MA 鈥00 (2020)
  • V. Diane McGee, MBA 鈥98 (2019)
  • Eve Coulson, BA 鈥73 (2018)
  • Dr. Ann Harbeson, MA 鈥03 (2017)
  • Stefano Cantini, BA 鈥92, MA 鈥94 (2016)
  • John Nickel, BA 鈥75 (2014)
  • Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin, BA 鈥63 (2013)
  • Doris Federhofer, BA 鈥38* (2013)
  • Timothy Noelker, BA 鈥73 (2012)
  • Dr. Karen M. Luebbert, BA 鈥64 (2011)
  • Shirley Broz, MA 鈥93 (2010)
  • Irma Jacobs Tirro, MA 鈥94 (2009)
  • Keith Lanier, BA 鈥91 (2008)
  • David P. Weiss, BA 鈥75 (2007)
  • Jackie Hellman Sontag, BA 鈥50* (2006)
  • Peggy Jostedt Czufin, BA 鈥47* (2005)
  • Emil Mezgolits, MA 鈥82 (2004)
  • Ilissa Staadeker, BA 鈥77 (2003)
  • Ellen Livingston, MA 鈥75 (2002)
  • Ann Washle O鈥機onnell, BA 鈥60 (2001)
  • Christopher A. Thomas, BA 鈥84 (2000)
  • Bette Rae Karst Wilbers, BA 鈥60 (1999)
  • Betty Compton Mueller, BA 鈥52, MAT 鈥83 (1998)
  • Adelyn Reinheimer Cline, BA 鈥49* (1997)
  • Barbara Luechtefeld Fraser, BA 鈥48* (1996)
  • Marianne Dickhaus Knaup, BA 鈥66* (1995)
  • Mary Lois Flippin Hall, MAT 鈥73 (1994)
  • Gabriel Mary Hoare S.L., MA 鈥83 (1993)
  • Mary Clare Kline Heller, BA 鈥36* (1992)
  • Clare Heyne, BA 鈥59* (1991)
  • Ione Vatterott Berry, BA 鈥47 (1990)
  • Carol Colligan, BA 鈥70, MA 鈥77 (1989)
  • Mary Mangan S.L., BA 鈥35* (1988)
  • Mary Louise Hyde, BA 鈥40* (1987)
  • Ceil Golden Reh, BA 鈥35* (1986)
  • Marie Vlatkovich Markowski, BA 鈥45* (1985)
  • Elizabeth Halpin, BA 鈥36* (1984)
  • Margaret Bihss, BA 鈥33* (1983)
  • Audrey Effinger Dietrich, BA 鈥45* (1982)

* deceased

Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award recognizes an alum who promotes the values and elevates the profile of 51小黄车 through leadership in their profession, contributions to society through public service, and ongoing support of the University. This person must be an alumna/alumnus of 51小黄车 who received their undergraduate degree within the last 10 years of being nominated and is 35 years of age or younger. The Alumni Board Awards Committee makes the selection of this recipient.


Hafsa Mansoor

Hafsa S. Mansoor, BA 鈥17
Associate, Emery Celli Brinckerhoff Abady Ward & Maazel LLP

Hafsa S. Mansoor is an associate at Emery Celli Brinckerhoff Abady Ward & Maazel LLP, a civil rights law firm, further dedicating her career to actualizing civil and human rights and reforming the criminal legal system.

Mansoor graduated summa cum laude from 51小黄车 with a degree in International Human Rights and Political Science in 2017. She then became valedictorian at Seton Hall University School of Law in 2020. While in law school, Mansoor served as a Center for Social Justice Scholar and as a Postgraduate Fellow for Detained Immigrant Defense at the Seton Hall Law Immigrants鈥 Rights/International Human Rights Clinic, where she represented detained immigrants in removal proceedings and co-authored a report on the impact of immigration bond practices on the surge of COVID-19 infections in ICE detention facilities. She also interned in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey and co-founded an online resource guide for first generation law students.

Mansoor joined White & Case LLP in 2021, where she served as a lead associate on multiple plaintiff-side class actions and represented corporate and individual commercial clients in litigation, mediation, arbitration and out-of-court disputes. She maintained an active pro bono practice and represented a class of impoverished debtors who sued the City of Ferguson, Missouri, for its wealth-based detention practices; challenged deplorable solitary confinement conditions in Virginia prisons; and petitioned for resentencing under the New York Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act. Mansoor also served as counsel to nonprofits looking to reform the criminal system by reviewing draft good time credit legislation and by submitting a petition before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights on felony disenfranchisement.

  • Elliot Laurence, BA 鈥21 (2023)
  • Kevin Miles, BFA 鈥12 (2022)
  • Leah Latham, BA 鈥10 (2021)
  • Cody Renard Richard BFA 鈥10 (2020)
  • Kayla Thompson, BA 鈥13 (2019)
  • Chris Whitmore, BA 鈥14 (2018)
  • Loren Rahman, BA 鈥12, MA 鈥12 & Wakeel Rahman, BA 鈥13 (2017)
  • Kacey Hampton, BA 鈥11 (2016)
  • Ricardo Falla, BA 鈥09, MA 鈥11 (2014)
  • Jessica Butler, BA 鈥04 (2013)
  • Taran Hercules, BA 鈥03 (2012)
  • Kathleen Sullivan, BFA 鈥02 (2011)
  • Eric Madkins, MA 鈥05, MA 鈥08 (2010)
  • Khiang-Kay Soe, BA 鈥03, MA 鈥06 (2009)
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